These are questions that our customers normally ask, we hope we have answered them here, otherwise, feel free to send us an email or call us.

Do you have a shop?  No, we don't, it is only online shopping 24hrs within your comfort. Send us any enquiry at https://www.gorgeousdressesuk.com/contactus

Can an item be returned? Yes, if returned in good condition withn 7 days for a full refund, store credit or for exchange for another dress! View the policy section https://www.gorgeousdressesuk.com/termsofuse

Do you send out catalogues? No, all inventories are displayed on the website!

Do you have all dresses displayed on the website? No we don't.  It is a huge collection displayed online. We can always order it for you. You can get most dresses next day from our stock list or delivery from 10 days upto 45 days from our suppliers. You can view dresses we have for nextday/sales visit https://www.gorgeousdressesuk.com/next-day-delivery1

Are all the dresses always available? Yes, if they are in stock, you get your dress quickly and if they are out of stock, it will go into production.  Please bear in mind that the designers do stop production of some dresses simply due reasons e.g lack of material etc, so it is advisable to grab the dress of your choice well on time, before production stops.


If your questions are not answered here, do send us an email and we will happy to add it here to benefit others too.